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Fabrics are made either by weaving, spreading, knitting or bonding materials which is then used for making bedding, cloths, curtains and a lot more.

So basically everyone is putting on different types of fabrics with the different clothes we have. How well do you know the type of fabric you are putting on? Well, it is important to know to boost your knowledge. Some fabrics include:



Chiffon is a lightweight fabric made from various fibers such as silk, rayon, cotton or polyester. The word ‘Chiffon’ is a French word meaning ‘Cloth’. Chiffon is used in making different types of clothing ranging from tops, skirts, gowns, scarves etc. Due to its lightweight, this fabric is often slippery and if not sewn with proper care, could easily tear. The versatility of this fabric is one of its many amazing features. Chiffon is a very thin fabric and this thinness makes it very comfortable for the wearer by not providing heat.

Chiffon scarf


Dating back to the middle age, because of the characteristics and expensive look this fabric has, it was usually attributed to the upper class. The name ‘Satin’ was originated from a city called Quanzhou (Zayton). Satin is a shiny, smooth and stylish looking fabric. Due to its softness and glow, it has been comfortably used to make night gowns and lingerie. It comes in different types. They include Duchess Satin, Messaline, Baronet, Faconne, Antique etc.

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This is another type of cloth fabric. During the rule of Harun al-Rasheed by Kashmiri, Velvet fabric was first known. It is also known for its glossy nature. Velvet fabric is used to sew different kind of clothing like bed sheets, dresses, skirts etc. It is not just about the classy look it provides but its high quality. The appearance of colors on the velvet fabric, its texture, depth and softness simply describes its perfect fit for royalty.

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Ankara fabric was not originally created in Africa, but in history today, it has made a name for itself in Africa mostly due to its usage. Ankara fabric comes in full 12 yards but sometimes sold at 6 yards which is half. Ankara fabric is known for its colorful prints. It is flexible as it can be used in making jewelries, clothes, shoes, bags etc. This fabric is suitable for any kind of occasion.





This elastic fabric is also known as Spandex, estomer or elastane. Lycra was first developed by The DuPont Company in 1958 substituting it for latex rubber as an agent for stretching clothes.  This piece of fiber is used in the production of so many clothing materials such as bra straps, gloves, belts, leggings, sock, singlet and even dresses. Lycra is widely known for its stretchiness. This fabric is also used for bodycon dresses because of its elasticity. It is a stretchy fabric known for its lightweight, smoothness and soft texture.



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