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Haute app helps Tailors and Fashion designers to save and manage their customer information and organize their creative process. It ensures you manage and organize your creative processes all in one space. It helps you break down your ideas and remember them for easy execution.
Haute app’s creative gallery provides space for you to display the picture albums of your designs. It enables you create, organize and re-name all your works/styles or even fashion trends that inspire you. This app allows you create more than one album.


The task manager helps you keep up with appointments, setting up reminders and create tasks for yourself so you can be up to date with your activities. It comes with four icons; Task description, due date, Notification time and Customer information.
• Task description
This is where you can conveniently describe your designs in 100 words. For example- “The Sylvia dress should have ruffles and a large sleeve.
This will enable you to vividly remember in details all that you want to do to achieve your aim.

• Due date
This helps you keep track of time. When you set a date for your work (either a date to round up or deliver clothes), you absolutely have no excuse of forgetting. This feature in the app is interesting; it actually notifies you with a beep on your phone.

• Notification time
You can set the time you want to be informed on a certain task.

• Customer Information
Here, you can select a particular customer from your already saved ‘Customer Information’ on the app. This is for you to know the exact customer you are preparing a task for. When this is done, you can save your task. You can also create more than one task for different customers.

This menu makes life easier for a tailor/fashion designer. It lets you save your entire customer’s contact information, measurements and style in one place. Customer’s contact information includes their images, name, gender, contact number, email and address. This gives accuracy to a tailor/designer as you don’t get to skip basic information. The customer measurement icon enables you to describe the style. This app provides options of selecting measurements you need for the style of a customer. For example- Hip, waist, skirt length etc. you can also scribble down notes on this app for some additional description to the style you are creating. Also, you can dial a customer’s contact number through the app and make a direct call.

• Invite friends
You can invite three of your friends to download this app. By doing so, you automatically get one month free of the Haute pro subscription.
• Notification
Here, you set a reminder tone of your choice. It enables you to choose either vibration mode or not. It gives you the option of switching on and off reminders for notifications to come in.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Google play store and download the Haute app and get your creative works organized.
Or use the link to download- http://bit.ly/thehauteapp

You can also read up about our recent updates to Haute app here.


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