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The evolution of skirts; A brief history

Ever wondered how this piece of clothing came about? You would be amazed.
When we hear ‘skirt’, what comes to mind is a garment worn by women covering from the waist to other parts of the body.
From time immemorial,skirts have been worn by different people from different parts of the world. Dating back to 3900BC, skirts were worn by men and women with no form of discrimination. From  the 19th century to the 21st century, skirts started as narrow styles to the hoopskirt and crinoline-supported styles. At some point in time, it was only short skirts that was worn, then it was long skirts before people finally settled for both. 

The skirt has been said to be one of the oldest piece of clothing. In the past, women who were seen wearing flowing skirts were labelled ‘the rich’ because fabrics at that time was expensive. To make a flowing skirt, extra fabric was required and so was money.
Valerie Steele, an American Fashion Historian said “A skirt has been a crucial part of women’s dress for centuries “. 

With time, skirts were gradually transformed into different styles ranging from short skirts to wraparound to A-line to pleated skirts and many more.
In this modern era, Skirts have become a must have clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.
Skirts can be made out of different fabrics like denim, chiffon, crèpe, Ankara, jeans etc.








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Zainab Tijani Mohammed

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