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How to be an Awesome Tailor: The Haute Way


Tailoring has since evolved into a form of art. Tailors are the combination of brains and craftiness that bring our fabrics to life. Because of their importance to the fashion industry, it is important that they hone their skills and create pieces that everyone would want to wear. We have highlighted a few tips that can help you be so awesome a tailor even, Taylor Swift would want you…

Go to Tailoring school or work as an apprentice

Every master was once an apprentice, you need to learn from someone who has done it before. This would expose you to so many basics that you might miss by diving into the profession all by yourself. Working as an apprentice may not be best for absolute beginners who want to work with a high-end tailor in the industry, so it is very much important to get some knowledge and practice first before approaching them.


Know and love thy fabrics

You can not become a great chef without an understanding of ingredients and recipes and having an unshakable love for food, same goes for tailoring. Fabrics are what you ‘tailor’ and knowing them well will not only help you sew beautiful clothes, you’ll also sew durable ones that are comfortable and can be worn to all occasions. More often than not you’ll have to sew a clothe with more than one fabric and picking the right combination will help you create something awesome your customer will love. For a crash course on fabrics check here.


Learn how to sketch

This is one important skill that is often overlooked. Sketching helps you transfer yours and your clients often crazy imagination onto paper. Learning to sketch will improve the way you communicate and express yourself in a creative way. It lets you experiment with different ideas without wasting any resource. Start with basic things around you and gradually challenge yourself with more complex designs as you grow. If you’re new to sketching or want to get better, check this links: I Draw Fashion, Fashion Sketching.

Get the right equipment

To start sewing, it’s obvious you need a sewing machine. You can usually start by getting the mechanical sewing machines which are much cheaper. As your skills grow you will eventually need a wider range of machines to help you create more complex designs. Also make sure you have a good lighting wherever you are sewing, you don’t want to go putting a lapel in the pockets. An iron and ironing board is very necessary, also research on tools that would help you get started. Try not to economize too much when it comes to your tools, thou must not dwell on constraints. Here is a good list of what you can start with.

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Be creative & Experiment

So you have been reading and watching people do things with the needle, thread and scissors and you haven’t even attempted to stitch together a handkerchief? Come on! You have to start experimenting with some old cloths (make your old skirt into a new top). Don’t be scared to try new stuff, run them by colleagues and whoever you learn from. Practice makes perfect in this profession. Set down a list of things you want to try out and follow it up with passion. With time you would start getting clients to work for. You will also need to market your products, we’ll talk more about the marketing later.


Pay attention to details

Customers can be very specific about what they want, you can’t blame us *smirk. Paying attention to the details helps you stand out from the crowd and sew the perfect fit all the time. Listen to your customers and watch out for those likes and dislikes as they describe the style they want you to sew for them. Try and sketch out their ideas and run it by them, focus on every little aspect of the design and process (e.g. thread color, button style, and strict adherence to measurements). Strive for perfection, after all it’s your name on the label.

Be active online and offline

Well, you have to make the world see what you can do with those gifted hands of yours. Develop your brand and make sure you have an online presence on Social media, Instagram has shown to be a great medium to showcase products by tailors and fashion designers. Grow your list of follower and interact with them as often as possible. This would help increase your popularity. Join local and national tailoring bodies too, this will help you network and get access to resources and collaborations that will promote your brand.

Be a Mentor and Teach

Teaching has been proven to help us learn. You were once a novice in the industry and you had to learn from someone to become the pro you are today. Teaching aspiring tailors would greatly impact your status in the industry and grow your popularity. It would also increase your proficiency.

Organize Exhibitions

This will help you get your unique designs out there for people to see and appreciate. You can collaborate with other tailors to get this done. Invite the media, get magazines and fashion bloggers to cover your event. Good hype would land you a very good spot in the league of highly ranked tailors in the country and worldwide.

Haute app

Be organized

Been organized helps you meet up with deadlines and milestones. In the era of smart phones, it is best to get an app(s) to help you in your daily tasks and manage your customers effectively. One must have app for tailors is Haute, which helps you organize your creative process, tasks and customer measurements. It also lets you post your latest designs to your favorite social network.

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