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Haute app Update Release for Fashion Tastemakers

  The way you manage your creative workflow is absolutely important to us. With this in mind, we have improved on the functionality of Haute app and added the following


Fabrics are made either by weaving, spreading, knitting or bonding materials which is then used for making bedding, cloths, curtains and a lot more. So basically everyone is putting on


Details are the small elements that collectively constitute a work of art. In fashion, details are those extra items we add to an outfit to enhance its beauty. Fashion details

The evolution of skirts; A brief history

Ever wondered how this piece of clothing came about? You would be amazed. When we hear ‘skirt’, what comes to mind is a garment worn by women covering from the


Ankara: A Brief History of African Prints

At the mention of the word Ankara, our minds are immediately drawn to the African prints fabric. Keep in mind that Ankara is also the capital of the country Turkey, so the name is

Inside Fashion at Khayr Co.

This new section of our blog puts the spotlight on tastemakers behind rising and established brands in our fashion industry. We had a chat with UmmulKhayr, the creative mind behind Khayr

The Man Behind The Brand : Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American Fashion designer, a philanthropist and a business executive.  He is the brain behind the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt which has become a household name. Ralph’s

15 Must Read Books for Fashion Designers

Knowledge is a key item to become great at whatever you do. With this in mind, we have collated 15 great books you can get lots of value from to

How to be an Awesome Tailor: The Haute Way

  Tailoring has since evolved into a form of art. Tailors are the combination of brains and craftiness that bring our fabrics to life. Because of their importance to the